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71st Annual Golden Globe Awards

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards

I thought I would do a summary where I took pics on winners and the thought on each presenter and moments.. First off what a great opening of Amy and Tina where they look so comfortable, Amy has so easy for improvisation and you can see how she just loves it.

I always love the moment where time starts playing and you see the squirms on people haha


best supporting actress – motion picture

winner: jennifer lawrence – american hustle

best  supporting actress - motion picture


best supporting actress – tv-series , mini-series or tv-movie

winner: jacqueline bisset – dancing on the edge

best supporting actress - tv-series , mini-series or tv-movie

The look on jacqueline bisetts face winning best support actress – tv-series, mini-series or tv-movie was pricesless, with noms against sofa vergara and hayden penettiere! Coming on stage she had tears in her eyes, that is when you see wins actually mean something, what a great moment, shivering in her voice and thankful. This can also be misinterpreted as she was high and not having a clue of what the hell she was doing as she seemed to be off…


best mini-series or tv-movie

winner: behind the candelabra – hbo

best mini-series or tv-movie


best actress – mini-series or tv-movie

winner: elisabeth moss – top of the lake (first win and second nom)

best actress - mini-series or tv-movie

Great comedy of matt damon saying himself as garbage man as tina fey joked about in the opening.

Jonah hill owning the presentation when they put up the wrong information on the teleprompter so they had to read of a paper which was given and it looked so funny with the gasp in the air and to solve the situation and fill it with comedy.


best actor tv-series drama

winner: bryan cranston – breaking bad (first win and 5th nom)

best actor tv-series drama

Good joke by paula patton winging that what was on the teleprompter really were there material hehe

Wonderful win as he deserves everyone of them, what a performance in breaking bad in the change during the years and seasons. what a great goodbye and farewell for the show.


best television series – drama

winner: breaking bad

best television series - drama

A major category which was taken by breaking bad. so I guess bryan cranston had to just stay iin backstage haha. You can know they enjoyed the show having a spin-off at mythbusters with a breaking bad special and what a career it has been with the ending aaron paul got he deserved from the grim periods. aaron paul ending with – yeah bitch!


best original score – motion picture

winner: alex ebert – all is lost (first win and first nom)

best original score - motion picture

This was the saddest one of them all, p diddy looking like he is high, talking about how they partied on a boat together and you can see alex ebert leaning away from diddy, just sad so sad.


best original song – motion picture

winner: ordinary love – mandela: long walk to freedom – u2 (second win – 9th nom, lastly won gangs of new york in 2000).

best original song - motion picture


best supporting actor – tv-series, mini-series or tv-movie

winner: jon voight – ray donovan (4th win and 10th nom)

best supporting actor - tv-series, mini-series or tv-movie

Makes joke that he is nervous as everyone else even though he should not be as the veteran he is.


best actresss – motion picture – comedy or musical

winner: amy adams – american hustle

best actresss - motion picture - comedy or musical

Cries and overwhelmed, great speech or  hammered because of to much alcohol .. had a good note in the speech that from her first audition she still has the same manager now and that she is grateful that she took the change on her.


best actress – tv-series – drama

winner: robin wright – house of cards(first win and second nom)

best actress - tv-series - drama

I so wish tatiana maslany orphan black should win and she didn´t which breaks my heart. With a big category and competition it was a tough one, but still she will win shortly. I am sure of it.


best supporting actor – motion picture

winner: jared leto – dallas buyers club

best supporting actor - motion picture

Jared Leto had a nice speech with a detailed description on what he did for the movie which is nice for the insight, being off for 6 years and love and support and then win the golden globe. Great speech and probably one of the ones not being nervous. Gathered and well presented.


best screenplay – motion picture

winner: spike jonze – her

best screenplay - motion picture



best actor – tv-series – comedy or musical

winner: andy sandberg – brooklyn nine-nine (first win and first nom)

best actor - tv-series - comedy or musical

Wonderful category in which I love tv-series, and the biggest surprise as BK99 takes it home and not jim parsons that has won it al in the latest and with big bang theory. But the show deserves it, he is the best and if you haven´t seen it you should. not a prepared a speech but nicely winging it, he is a true comedian from the SNL time.


best foreign language film

winner: the great beauty – italy

best foreign language film


best actor – mini-series or tv-movie

winner: michael douglas – behind the candelabra

best actor - mini-series or tv-movie

Big category win (4th win 11th nom), hugged Matt Damon on the way up as he went up, nice! Michael explained around the relationship with Steven Soderbergh which was a nice insight and from 1999 they talked about the coming movie candelabra that then 2009 the script came and the movie started. Michael Douglas showing the love to Matt, the only reason he did not win was because Michael had more scenes. but strong what a movie having 2 actors from the same movie in the best actor category


best animated feature film

winner: frozen

best animated feature film


best actress – tv-series – comedy

winner: amy poehler – parks and recreation

best actress - tv-series - comedy

Amy winning first win in role of parks and rec! What a lovely baking for hosting and winning getting nominated from season 6. running the running joke that she never wins and that she actually won, as I like her very much for the amazing work she does on parks and rec it was great to see.


best director – motion picture

winner: alfonso cuarón – gravity

best director - motion picture

Cracking up with a good speech collaborating to Sandra Bullock regarding a story that she did not quit when with his thick speak he said I will give you herpes when he meant I will give you an ear piece.


best tv-series – comedy

winner: brooklyn nine-nine

best tv-series - comedy

Biggest category in my opinion where every show could win, with the opposition to parks and rec & big bang theory – BK99 taking it home just shows how good it really is. Modern Family that usually wins it all have not won anything. impressive and nice which just proofs that it needs to be seen!


best actor – motion picture – comedy or musical

winner: leonardo dicaprio

best actor - motion picture - comedy or musical

As he was sitting in front row it was expected 😉 Great to see him win and with a dedication of the work he has done with Martin Scorsese, he likes him as he is a risk taker and visionary in which he love the mentor ship and the trust between them both. But comedy? comedy?? none of the movies in the category were comedy! So stupid and weird.


best motion picture – comedy or musical

winner: american hustle

best motion picture - comedy or musical


best actress – motion picture – drama

winner: kate blanchett – blue jasmine

best actress - motion picture - drama

A category where 2 of the 5 noms wherent there so it was nice to see that the win actually went to Kate that was there.


best actor – motion picture – drama

winner: matthew mcconaughey – dallas buyers club

best actor - motion picture - drama

Big win for a most certainly busy actor working on true detective and working on the movie dancing hos way forward and winning the award. Looking happy and full of energy and graciously accepted it with congratulating the noms. thanking his mommy for the growing up, to be the subject of being an actor. The wife doing the balance for his life in which he deserves it.


best motion picture – drama

winner: 12 years a slave

best motion picture - drama

Nice for 12 years getting the globe as if not would surely have been the looser of the night where they were nominated in many categories and won none.


Closing Remarks: Nice night with a good ensemble and good planning and nice interludes with Amy and Tina. Overall it became the night of first time winners and the unexpected winners. So overall I am pleased with the winnings and first and second noms.

And Amy got to make out with Bono!


9 Most Anticipated New Shows for Midseason 2014


For 2014 there are some shows starting that I recommend you keep an eye out for if the current bid out there does not float your boat.

My votes in rank of anticipation goes like this:

9. Resurrection (ABC)

Drama / Fantasy
Premieres March 9th


8. The 100 (The CW)

Premieres Match 19th


7. Believe (NBC)

Action / Drama / Science-Fiction
Premieres: TBD


6. Mind Games (ABC)

Premieres Match 11th


5. Enlisted (FOX)
Premieres January 10th


4. Intelligence (CBS)
Action / Adventure / Drama
Premieres January 7th


3. Helix (Syfy)
Drama / Science-Fiction
Premieres January 10th


2. Black Sails (Starz)
Action / Adventure / Drama
Premieres January 25th


1. True Detective (HBO)

Crime / Drama
Premieres January 12th

5 New Shows From 2013 That You Probably Missed


When thinking back of 2013 and all the massive amounts of shows that have started and on just a quick thought the name of shows I remember right off the bat is not so many, Blacklist is one as it was so successful..

So many other shows might not be as successful but they are worth seeing!
Here is the list, if you are not watching these I highly recommend you give them a chance:

1. Orphan Black
Star Tatiana Maslany is giving one of the most under appreciated performances on modern television.

2. Masters of Sex
The show is a thoughtful, layered, imaginative and seductive look into a fictionalized version of these real people and those who surrounded them at Washington University.

3. The Americans
Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys play a pair of deeply embedded Russian spies living in 1980s Washington D.C., posing as a suburban married couple with two kids. Tensions rise when an FBI agent (Noah Emmerich) moves in across the street and begins to investigate.

4. Rectify
The six-episode first season tells the story of Daniel Holden, who after 19 years on death row is released in light of new DNA evidence. His acclimation back into normal life is a slow meditation on modern culture, love, family and religion.

5. Brookyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn’s ensemble cast click; characters were well drawn and funny, with supporting performances from Joe LoTruglio, Chelsea Peretti and Terry Crews going a long way. Andy Samberg seemed to be the most problematic part of the cop comedy, but after 11 episodes, they’ve dialed back his more unlikable traits and found a way to make him fit into the greater cast.