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5 New Shows From 2013 That You Probably Missed


When thinking back of 2013 and all the massive amounts of shows that have started and on just a quick thought the name of shows I remember right off the bat is not so many, Blacklist is one as it was so successful..

So many other shows might not be as successful but they are worth seeing!
Here is the list, if you are not watching these I highly recommend you give them a chance:

1. Orphan Black
Star Tatiana Maslany is giving one of the most under appreciated performances on modern television.

2. Masters of Sex
The show is a thoughtful, layered, imaginative and seductive look into a fictionalized version of these real people and those who surrounded them at Washington University.

3. The Americans
Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys play a pair of deeply embedded Russian spies living in 1980s Washington D.C., posing as a suburban married couple with two kids. Tensions rise when an FBI agent (Noah Emmerich) moves in across the street and begins to investigate.

4. Rectify
The six-episode first season tells the story of Daniel Holden, who after 19 years on death row is released in light of new DNA evidence. His acclimation back into normal life is a slow meditation on modern culture, love, family and religion.

5. Brookyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn’s ensemble cast click; characters were well drawn and funny, with supporting performances from Joe LoTruglio, Chelsea Peretti and Terry Crews going a long way. Andy Samberg seemed to be the most problematic part of the cop comedy, but after 11 episodes, they’ve dialed back his more unlikable traits and found a way to make him fit into the greater cast.

Notice – Guest Actor Resemblance


As you have seen from the earlier post I watched White Collar this weekend and I was sure that after the episode Shoot The Moon S04E14 that I had seen actor Mark Valley(Human Target) in a guest appearance as a Museum Guard!

But after further investigation I found that it actually was All My Children actor Timothy Adams

And now I know why I thought it was Mark Valley, they do look very much alike!

What do you think?

Screenshot from the scene:

Notice - Guest Actor Resemblence - Scr from the scene

Timothy Adams:

Notice - Guest Actor Resemblence - Timothy Adams


Mark Valley:

Notice - Guest Actor Resemblence - Mark Valley