Pilot Picks: TBS (2015)




Quality Time

  • Four college buddies who kept their sophomoric ways in suspended animation throughout their 20s are now succumbing to reproduction. The fatherhood comedy follows the constant push and pull between the dudes they used to be and the men they are attempting to be.

Actor: Alexie Gilmore

Alexie Gilmore

Status: Pushed

The Group

  • A support group for people who think they have been abducted by aliens is the subject of a snarky feature piece by skeptical journalist Wyatt Jones. The more he digs into the oddballs’ claims, however, the more confused, intrigued and seduced he becomes.

Actor: Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy

Status: Not known yet

Untitled Jason Jones/Samantha Bee

  • Hopeful dad Nate hops in the car with his wife and two young kids for a 24-hour adventure to the Keys. The show will prove that no matter how much close proximity can lead a family to get on each other’s nerves, precarious situations and interactions with strangers can bring them together again.

Actor: Natalie Zea

Natalie Zea

Status: Picked up to series


  • After a plane crashes on a remote island, two best friends, and a diverse group of survivors cope with dangerous threats (many of which they cause). The two best friends, Danny and Owen, have a chance to redeem their mediocre lives by becoming leaders of this new society.

Actor: Ally Maki

Ally Maki

Status: Picked up to series


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