Pilot Picks: FX (2015)




  • Revolves around two cousins on their way up through the Atlanta rap scene whose opposing views on art versus commerce, success and race will make their quest anything but easy.

Actor: Donald Glover

Donald Glover

Status: Picked up to series, 10 episode order

Better Things

  • Sam, a working actor trying to earn a living, navigates her three daughters’ lives, having fun with a friend or two and also — just maybe — squeezing in some sex once in a while. Her life is funny to watch, but you wouldn’t want to live it (except sometimes).

Actor: Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon

Status: Picked up to series

Death Pact

  • A formerly lazy, pot-dealing assistant high school coach returns to his hometown as a decorated war hero. He runs across three down-on-their-luck friends and former students and sucks them into his new radical self-help philosophy, which involves harsh consequences for failure.

Actor: Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan

Status: On hold in wake of Tracy Morgans accident


  • Volatile TV personality Joe Abbott who is exiled from show business after an on-air meltdown and forced to navigate society as a man with no apparent skills.

Actor: Regina King

Regina King

Status: Not known at this moment

Untitled Robespierre/Holm

  • Explores the adult female friendship of creative partners Lou and Viv as they embark on a cross-country road trip. Gutsy born-and-raised New Yorkers, they discover each other in their 30s, make a movie together and jump into the great unknown of their next project. Lou and Viv find strength and vulnerability in each other, learning how to have a fight and somehow still get back in the car.

Actor: Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate

Status: Not known at this moment



The Bastard Executioner

  • A warrior knight in King Edward II’s charge is broken by the ravages of war and vows to lay down his sword. But when that violence finds him again, he is forced to pick up the bloodiest sword of all.

Actor: Lee Jones; Stephen Moyer

Lee Jones Stephen Moyer

Status: Picked up to series, 10-episode order, first episode aired September 15th, 2015


  • Set in the early 1980s at the beginning of a crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles, it focuses on three main characters: ambitious dealer Franklin Saint, ex-Mexican wrestler and now gangster Gustavo Zapata and prodigal son Logan Miller.

Actor: Billy Magnussen

Billy Magnussen

Status: Not known yet


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