Pilot Picks: TNT (2015)



Breed; Justin Chatwin, known from role in Weeds and Shameless.

Justin Chatwin

A detective enlists the help of an assassin to hunt down supernatural creatures.

Lumen; Sam Jeaeger, known from role in Parenthood.

A family is mysteriously transported into the world of a writer’s creation.

Sam Jaeger


Centers on Dick Grayson (aka Robin), who emerges from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of a fearless band of young superheroes-to-be including Starfire, Raven and many others.

Untitled Miami Project;

A family man becomes a successful drug runner for a local Cuban drug lord in Florida during the 1970s.

Christopher McDonald Matt Barr




Pilot Picks: TBS (2015)



Quality Time; No ”big” names, someone you might notice could be Alexie Gilmore that has starred in Legends, Person of Interest and early cancelled New Amsterdam (2008).

Alexie Gilmore

Four college buddies who kept their sophomoric ways in suspended animation throughout their 20s are now succumbing to reproduction. The fatherhood comedy follows the constant push and pull between the dudes they used to be and the men they are attempting to be.



Untitled Jason Jones/Samantha Bee; Natalie Zea known for Justified (2010),The Following (2013) and The Other Guys (2010).

Hopeful dad Nate hops in the car with his wife and two young kids for a 24-hour adventure to the Keys. The show will prove that no matter how much close proximity can lead a family to get on each other’s nerves, precarious situations and interactions with strangers can bring them together again.



Wrecked; Starring among many others Ginger Gonzaga, been part of Scorpion, Anger Management, Mixolgy & Legit.

Ginger Gonzaga

Described as Lost meets It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, it chronicles the aftermath of a plane crashing on a remote island.